Cancellation Policy

Customers have fourteen days to execute their revocation right.

Revocation Right

You have fourteen days to execute your revocation right, meaning you can cancel any contract without citing a specific reason in this time period. The fourteen days begin on the day, on which you or a named third party, who is not the carrier, takes the last partial shipment or piece into their possession.

In order to exercise your revocation right, you must contact us (VICTOREANUM e.G, Sonnenweg 1, D-85386 Dietersheim, Tel.: 089 / 323 88 477, Fax: 089 / 323 88 479) with a clearly formulated request (By letter, telefax or email), in which you state your decision to revoke the contract. A general revocation form is included, but is not mandatory.

In order to preserve your revocation right, informing us that you plan to exercise your revocation right before the fourteen days are over is sufficient.


Aftermath of a Revocation

If you cancel this contract, we refund any payments received, including delivery costs (excluding additional costs that arose from the customer choosing a different type of delivery service than the standard delivery service), immediately and within fourteen days of the day we received your revocation of the contract. Our payment method consists of the same means of payment used by the client in the initial transaction, unless specifically agreed upon. No additionally fees will ever result from canceling a contract. We can refuse refunding payments until we receive the wares or proof that the wares have been sent to us.

All wares to be returned must be returned or sent to us within fourteen days of your revocation. Sending the wares before the fourteen day period is acceptable as well. You bear any immediate costs of retuning the wares. If the wares have been damaged in any way, the customer is required to pay for damages sustained by the goods if he or she can be held responsible.

  • Revocations are not available in the following cases:
  • If the delivered wares or the services provided are subject to price fluctuations reliant on financial markets, of which the entrepreneur has no control over. This includes financial services. If these fluctuation occur during the return period, we retain the right to deny any revocations. This applies to services regarding stocks with shares regarding investment funds having to do with § 1 Paragraph 4 of the capital investment legislation book and with other tradable securities, currencies, derivatives or tools in the money market.

-General Revocation Form

(If you wish to cancel the contract, please fill out the following form and send it to us)

Adressed to:
Sonnenweg 1
D-85386 Dietersheim
Fax: 089 / 323 88 479

I/We (*) hereby revoke the concluded contract I/we (*) signed regarding the following wares (*)/ the completion of the following services(*)



Ordered on(*)___________/received on (*)__________


Name of the consumer(s)


Address of the consumer(s)


Signature of the consumer(s) (Only if recieved in written form)



(*) Discard unnecassary details