Invest in Gold with VICTOREANUM

We, VICTOREANUM eG., are a cooperative association dedicated to providing a safe and secure experience to all customers and members who wish to invest in gold. We offer a multitude of discrete and secure methods, both online and in our stores, as well as gold savings plans. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

Not only do we complete all transactions in a discrete and serious manner, we also have a team prepared to help you choose the best deal possible while taking your preferences and financial situation into account. Precious metals both secure and increase your assets. We offer a multitude of investment options in gold and silver for both private and institutional investors. We will gladly explain the variety of investment strategies we offer, show you new saving opportunities and suggest successful saving plans. Together we can calculate your chance of success and evaluate your personal needs. Thanks to our positive relationship with precious metal suppliers and our status as a cooperative association, we can offer you an abundance of benefits not available for normal purchases.

Invest in Gold and profit from beneficial Conditions

We offer a wide range of gold and silver products on our online store to diversify your investment, including coins, medals and special collectors’ items. All our offers can be viewed in our stores. We will gladly answer any questions regarding our wares. You can invest in a diverse selection of gold and silver in order to match your financial situation.

As a cooperative association, we can offer you special deals as well as fulfill specific wishes. Be it bars, coins or a gift for that special someone, we offer discounted wares and will help you increase and keep your assets safe. Our gold and silver savings plans give you the option to invest in precious metals using a subscription based method. Every three months your precious metals will be sent to you in a direct and secure shipment. Investing in gold has never been this easy! We are also the only online business that accepts cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, to insure our customers’ discretion.

We rent lockers in two different sizes in which you can securely store your precious metals. Prices vary based on rental time. In order to learn more, please read our page regarding lockers. Any gold stored in our lockers is shipped discretely.

Feel free to contact us for any questions and concerns that may arise. We will gladly offer our support and professional opinion regarding gold investments. We look forward to receiving your call at +49 (0)89/323 88 477.