PURCHASING Precious Metals and Coins

Upon request, VICTOREANUM e.G. is happy to purchase precious metals, coins and medals from members and third parties. Purchases can be completed either in person or sent after VICTOREANUM e.G. has presented an offer. VICTOREANUM e.G. retains the right to not purchase any wares. VICTOREANUM e.G. views each offer separately and makes each decision individually. We are legally required to identify a seller before purchasing any precious metals from him/her.

We normally only purchase precious metals, coins and medals which are offered in our store. All prices listed in our store can be used as orientation, but are not binding for VICTOREANUM e.G. in any way.

If the item/s are not sold directly in our shop, we require them to be sent by the seller within three days after our email offer arrives. If sent too late, VICTOREANUM e.G. hs the right to cancel the transaction.

The arrival of the package means the seller is proposing a sale. The seller is also confirming, that he/she is the sole owner of the wares and legally competent. No third party has any rights to them and they are not pledged. It is also proof the item/s have not been obtained illegally and are not linked to crime in any way.

If the wares received are incomplete, damaged in any way or differ from the offer, VICTOREANUM e.G. retains the right to change our offer or cancel the transaction.

The seller’s right of retention regarding wares sold to VICTOREANUM e.G. is only binding if confirmed outside the seller’s terms and conditions.

We will gladly answer any questions or concerns

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