Using Bitcoin as a Payment Method for Gold

Gold has always been considered a safe way to invest, especially when preparing for crises. Therefore, investors often choose to invest in gold for security. Recently, Bitcoin has become an accepted payment method. VICTOREANUM eG. is the only supplier in Germany that offers the possibility to purchase gold using bitcoins.

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Buying gold bars with bitcoins

Buying gold coins with bitcoins

Purchasing gold anonymously with Bitcoin

Even though they were originally scoffed at in 2009, Bitcoin have managed to become the most notable online payment method. Currently, one bitcoin is worth around 4,000$. More and more online suppliers are offering their customers the opportunity to pay with Bitcoin. VICTOREANUM eG. has taken note of the cryptocurrency’s potential.

The biggest benefit provided by Bitcoin the anonymity offered to senders and receivers. When purchasing gold in our shop with Bitcoin, no personal information is required. You will still receive a receipt at the end of the transaction (No name on it). Just pick “Pay with Cryptocurrency” in order to start. More information can be found here

Further benefits provided by Bitcoin

The most obvious and biggest benefit of using Bitcoin is the privacy provided. Anonymously paying without having to disclose your name and account information is only one of the benefits offered. Bitcoin offers many other benefits, such as:

  • The Bitcoin-System is independent: Neither banks nor governmental regulators can influence the legally accepted currency.
  • A simple system: Although it may sound complicated, it is astonishingly easy to learn. Accessing Bitcoin and the related payment system can be done is a few steps regardless of location.
  • Bitcoins are protected against inflation: Only 21 million bitcoins are allowed to be in circulation at once. This means that bitcoins cannot be “created” – this resembles precious metals such as gold.
  • Low transaction fees: Due to the fact that bitcoins require no bank, transactions involving them have a corresponding transaction fee. In the private sector there is none whatsoever.

Buying Gold with Bitcoins: How it works

Before finishing your purchase click on PAY WITH CRYPTOCURRENCY when choosing the payment method.

We are working with the trustworthy American Bitcoin payment company BITPAY.

Further information about BITPAY can be found here

In order to pay with Bitcoins a Bitcoin-wallet software is required. A Bitcoin-wallet contains cryptographic transaction codes that authorize purchases. One of the big advantages Bitcoins offers is anonymity. No account information is required. This means buying gold with bitcoins offers many advantages. It is possible to complete your purchases in our stores with bitcoin.

Purchasing Gold with other Cryptocurrencies: Altcoins

We are constantly developing ways to purchase gold and other precious metals with crypto currencies. Altcoins can be invested into gold and silver.

We have accepted Eurocoin as a form of payment since January, 2018.

VICTOREANUM: Your specialist for Bitcoins as a payment method for gold – We are here for you