Purchasing Gold over the Counter Anonymously

Purchasing fixed assets is a matter of trust, especially when purchasing gold and silver. The cooperative association VICTOREANUM e.G. offers you security, outstanding service and guarantees topnotch product quality. We also offer absolute discretion and anonymity when purchasing precious metals with cash, as long as it complies with legal guidelines. Purchasing precious metals such as silver or gold is known as an “over the counter” purchase.

The money-laundering act has determined that anonymous over the counter purchases cannot exceed a sum of over 2000 euros per person, meaning investors can purchase silver and gold anonymously. This is not offered by banks or possible through online purchases. Over the counter sales exceeding 2000 euros per person are illegal throughout all of Germany. Buyers must be identified according to the standards of the money-laundering act.

On-site over the Counter Sales

The best way to purchase silver or gold anonymously is to come directly to our branch. Once there, all you have to do it pick out which coins and gold and silver bars you wish to possess. You can then purchase them anonymously with cash. You will receive a cash sale invoice which will not include your name. Our prices are based on the current market price. If the product you wish to purchase is sold out, you can receive an order confirmation with an order number on it. Your name will not be included. After a certain amount of time, your order can be picked up with your order confirmation. This process does not require your name or any form of identification. If you wish to purchase products worth more than 2000 euros, we will gladly assist you after you have provided sufficient identification.

Over the Counter Sales by Phone

We offer our customers and members the possibility to purchase over the phone. If you wish to purchase over the phone, simply call our commercial center. Due to security reasons, we do not accept incoming calls without caller identification unless you can identify yourself as a member of our cooperative association or a registered customer in our shop using your member, customer or order number. We will gladly answer any questions regarding products and ordering procedures. We can set a price and product amount during a conversation before your visit. The price depends on the current exchange rate of the precious metal. Any ordered wares can then be paid for and collected directly at our shop at an arranged time. You will then receive a cash sale invoice.

Anonymous purchases are generally legally binding and cannot be rescinded. Our terms and condition apply.

If you have any questions regarding our over the counter gold and silver sales, feel free to call us at 089 / 323 88 477 – we are happy to answer any and all concerns

Secure Storage

Any gold or silver acquired should be kept in a secure bank vault or safe. Furthermore, any bars or coins should not be damaged or they will lose value. We offer lockers to all our customers and members. Feel free to ask a representative for more details.