Precious Metals and Taxes


The following paper offers general information and is not legally binding. Ask your lawyer or tax office for confirmation before making any decisions.

Short Summary

  • Invested gold is exempt from sales tax in the European Union and Switzerland. Gold is also exempt from import tax between countries. Certain conditions must be fulfilled in order to evade sales tax. Gold bars have a minimum purity requirement of at least 995 thousandths. Gold coins have a minimum purity requirement of at least 900 thousandths and must have been minted after the year 1800. Coins must either be a current or have previously been legal tender in their country of origin. Furthermore, any coins sold must not exceed the current market value by 80%.
  • All other precious metals, such as silver, palladium, platinum, etc., are treated as raw materials throughout the entire European Union. This means they are not exempt from sales tax or import tax. Rates vary by country. According to § 25a UStG (Law on turnover tax), exceptions apply to certain coins and collector’s items made from silver. A “differential taxation” applies, meaning that purchasing silver coins instead of bars usually results in higher profits.
  • Profits earned through the sale of gold or silver bars and coins are tax-free if the precious metals have been in your possession for over twelve months (Speculation period).      
  • If physical precious metals are sold before the twelve month period has been reached, profits exceeding 600 euros are taxed.
  • Capital gains earned from securities, such as gold certificates, gold shares, etc., are generally subject to settlement tax regardless of how long they have been in your possession. Tax payment percentage is around 30-38%. The actual tax rate for settlement tax is 25%. A solidarity tax (5.5%) is then added and, if necessary, church tax (8 or 9%, varies according to state). Domestic banks apply the tax. They are legally required to directly send all applied taxes to the tax administrations.

We recommend purchasing only physical gold and silver.

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