Welcome to VICTOREANUM eG.

As a registered cooperative association, we always act in the interests and benefits of our customers and members. We promise to always work with integrity and discretion and guarantee a comprehensive and competent consultation.

We offer private and institutional investors multiple ways to save assets in the form of precious metals. We will gladly explain the different investment strategies we offer and show you new ways to save as well as discuss any possible opportunities, risks and personal requests you may have.

We offer a multitude of products made out of gold and silver as well as coins and medals for special collectors in our online shop. If you wish to talk to a representative directly, simply visit our offices and we will assist you in any way possible, including a presentation of our products.

After working for many years in close contact with wholesale dealers and manufacturers, we have cultivated a healthy working relationship. Thanks to cooperative orders, we can fulfill any special wishes and offer especially low prices.

We offer two different sized lockers in our stores for safety purposes. More information can be found under “lockers

We are happy to discuss any questions, wishes or concerns you may have in a comprehensive manner and in a one-on-one meeting.

We look forward to either your visit or call: 49 / 89 / 323 88 477